We make sure that all the items offered on Shoozee Shop are 100% authentic. For this, we have created a 3-step verification system:

Provenance: all our items come from retail stores that have been authorized to sell the items offered in our catalog.

Verification: each item is checked by hand through a complex process: odor, shape and materials of the item, condition of the box and verification that no accessories are missing. This step is done before the item goes on sale . 

Double verification: once the article is ordered, it is again subjected to the verification stage before being dispatched. Thus, we minimize the risk of error. At Shoozee Shop, we prefer to waste our time and make sure that you are completely satisfied with your experience rather than the other way around.

Before shipping, we mark the sneakers with authentication marks to confirm that they have passed our verification, and then pack them in double boxes to avoid damage when delivered to your home address.

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